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The Evolution of Gardening over the Years

The Evolution of Gardening over the Years

Gardening has always been a very popular trend since the time humanity was created and even in 21st century, even so, much time after, it is still very popular and common trend to have your own garden in your yard.

In that long time, we have seen a lot of changes in terms of gardening and it is still evolving and changing every single day. To understand where all started and what we have got now, you should know some history of gardening evolution, so here is it in a simple, short and useful way.

Gardening in its simplest forms started in ancient times when people were still very far from being a civilized creature. Back then, humans were trying to plant as much vegetables, herbals and fruit trees as possible so they could have some food easier. So yes, back then, gardening and farming were quite close, if not almost the same. But after humanity developed a bit, ancient humans begin to also plant plants with good smell and looks – that is where gardening started to differ from classical farming.

Long after the above period, when humans were evolved enough to care about other things than food and hunting when humans started to care about aesthetics more than daily things, gardening became a popular trend and people started to care about it. In ancient Egypt, it was quite common to have a huge garden with as many types of plants & flowers as possible, in that times, many artworks were created by slaves.

With more development of the world, gardening was also developed and evolved, it reached it’s probably a maximum point in middle centuries when it was a very popular trend to have your own original, unique and stylish garden full of exotic and less common plants & flowers. Nearly every single successful person had his/her own garden and they cared about it more than anything.
Most rich & successful people like kings or monarchs took it even further and they were having huge mazes created by rows & columns of flowers. In that time gardening was all about good looks and appearance.

Quickly back to modern gardening, nowadays gardening is usually less massive, cheaper and simpler with less contrastive colors and more stylish design. In the 21st century, most popular modern gardening ideas include simple colors and plants, usually with green color dominating the view.
Instead of highly contrastive, colorful mix of flowers, very common in mid centuries, in modern days typical gardens include green glass, some unique shaped plants, and simpler flowers, creating a simple but beautiful look. Water bodies and attractions are also a common and popular trend in modern times.

Even though there are many differences between old gardening and modern gardening, there are also similarities and probably those similarities will always be there…

First of all, like in old times, also in modern days a good garden is important for every house and a good garden adds a lot of value to your house, making it more attractive place to live.
Secondly, gardening is still more about looks and smells, like in mid centuries, than about practical uses as seen in ancient times. Still, there are some people who build their own gardens for purely practical reasons and care less about good looks and beauty.

Another similarity that always has been around and is guaranteed to be always there is the fun that comes with gardening. While some powerful people had slaves for gardening, even in old times there were some powerful people who chose to do gardening all be themselves as it is fun and satisfying feel to plant plants and care for them. It is still the same feel and it is still a way to go for many people, the only difference is, now many people choose to do gardening themselves.

And about a good difference – fortunately for all gardening lovers, nowadays you don’t need to be very rich to have your own garden and you don’t really need to have a huge garden to impress people – even a little, well-designed garden will make your friends impressed. Also, getting some special or exotic plants & flowers is no longer a big problem as there are many online platforms and websites created especially for people who are looking for exotic plants.
With some effort, you can build a super special garden full of exotic plants that only kings could get in old times.